Message from the Principal

A warm welcome to the Antioch School website! First of all, I would like to applaud all my Staff and the Hembro Infotech, Agartala for the impeccable work they have done in building this website.

This is just another stepping stone by the school towards creating opportunities for our students and guardians to link to us better and becoming more accessible. As we all know, we are in an age where internet has becomes a part and parcel of life and this applies even for people living in the rural areas. Everybody wants information the easier way. So I am hoping that this website would be helpful in obtaining information about the school and the present and future plans that the school has in mind.

As we are only taking baby steps one at a time this website is only in the process of making and as much as we believe that we have done our best I am sure it still leaves room for improvement. Therefore we would try our best to update it as regularly as possible and try to include every important information required by our students and guardians to know about the school and its future plans as well. For now, I ask you all to implore this site and get acquainted with every detail that we have put together and I hope that you would find it useful.

Now with Covid-19 Pandemic on the rise, the fate of the school has become uncertain. It felt like it was just yesterday when students attended classes regularly, now it has become a matter of the past. The sad thing is no one knows when the classes can resume once again and the students and teachers get to be in the same class once more. Keeping all these things in mind, it has become more inevitable that we cannot ignore the need of technology in our lives. Therefore, as much as we regret unabling regular classes, we are also grateful that another door has opened for us: the online classes. Therefore right now the School is totally dependent on the online classes especially for the Senior students and we have to suffice with that. The lower classes are still trying to accommodate themselves through the Whatsapp groups where assignments are being sent and received on daily basis. We hope that our students and their guardians would give us their full cooperation for the upgradation of our children and their education.

In the midst of all these chaos and uncertainty, I pray and hope that you and your family stay safe which is the most important thing right now. Please follow the government guidelines and stay indoors as much as possible.

Happy Browsing!

Mr. T. Goulienmang Gangte



Origin and Progress of Antioch School:

The humble journey of Antioch School started with a visionary seed sown by Rev. T. Kampu and Mrs. T. Hawiphal, the President and Principal of Asia Antioch Seminary, Guwahati. They had a calling to open a school here in Tripura among the Debbarma tribals. They were constantly in touch with Rev. LT Gangte to find a suitable site to start a school. Finally, I arrived in Tripura on the 4th December 2003 to begin the actual work. Upon my arrival at Abhicharan, Madhu Chowdhury Para, West Tripura, I received a warm welcome from the villagers. I stayed at the rented house of Mrs. Mala Debbarma (Ama), for about five years then our family moved into the present campus.

At first, our school location was the abandoned Veterinary sub-center office near the Abhicharan market. After all the physical arrangements were completed the school was ready to enroll students. It was on the 5th of January 2004 that we opened school admission for the first time. A total of 45 students enrolled for classes KG-1 and KG-II in 2004 session. Classes began on the 27th of January 2004. While the classes were going on well under the mud-walled house, construction of the school building had also started at the present campus. The ground-breaking was done on 11th February 2004. Two years later the main building was grandly inaugurated on May 31, 2006, by Shri Jitendra Choudhury, honorable Tribal Welfare Minister then and present Member of Parliament from Tripura.

Starting with 45 students, today after more than twelve years we have a total of 330students with16 teaching staff and 8 non-teaching staff. The school has Classes from Nursery to Class VIII. The school is recognized by the government of Tripura, Education Department as secondary stage since 2012. The school follows CBSE pattern of Curriculum and Evaluation system known as Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CEE). Lastly, the school has many prospects for development in all areas as an institution. We are looking forward to achieving our goal gradually.

Vision & Mission

Will be updated soon.